Friends, Lovers and Acquaintances


Birthdays are times for self reflection. 

They mark the passage of time, the journey we’ve embarked upon, the joyful moments, the challenges and the achievements. A time to reminisce on all the relationships that have been significant…the people that have crossed our path and how their unique personalities have been important lessons in our growth.

As I started writing this blog I was reminded of one of my Gurus who had shared an important talk on relationships… he said that we all encounter a wide variety of people in this circus of life, but broadly we could divide them into 3 groups.

Some people are like a mirror….they come into your life to mirror to you all the parts of yourself that need healing. They help to show us all the shadows and all the triggers. 

They’re like a ‘karmic partner’

It’s the kind of person that will come into your life, awaken something so deep within you, and then leave once they fulfill their purpose…..because they were never yours to begin with. 

This is a very important lesson to accept.

Then there are some that can be likened to a window. They walk into your life to show you what’s possible. This person may be very similar to someone you’ve always asked for but not even exactly so….such a person comes into your life to show you a window of possibilities….to show you something different than what you’ve always known or what you are used to experiencing in the past. They may be just a glimpse of what is about to walk in if you allow it.

Then there are the ‘doors’….these are everyone’s favourite kind of people. This kind of person is meant to stay and serve a purpose in your life. The door is actually the opportunity that you step through. 

Yet there is a caveat…the door has a key, one that opens when we do the healing work on ourselves…when we invest in whatever restores our worth, our self-compassion and love. The key lies in commitment to personal growth.

As George Bernard Shaw said, 

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


Until next time….