Seeking A Life Of Purpose


“Life is a reality to be experienced “ - Soren Kierkegaard

I’ve just finished cooking my favourite food for a friend, I’m singing along with my playlist, the weather is cool and clean where I’m sitting by the garden….the birds are happy and so am I. It’s a good day!

Should I be worried about how meaningful my life is or if I’m living my life purpose?

My point is that unless I’m doing a great service to humanity, earning mountains of cash or making a massive contribution to society that is socially applauded, is my life not useful?

All my young life I believed that my life purpose was education towards a career, a vocation that was meaningful and satisfying….then creativity took over, self-expression through landscaping, drawing, furniture and interiors and making fashion garments became a purpose. Until my inner landscape shifted and the scary, but ultimate question loomed large…and another quest took over…



A lot of us aren’t able to define, let alone discover, the answer to this epic quest. In fact, there is increasing pressure to follow some singular, magical talent or meaning in life and that is making us very unhappy.

There is no single purpose for any of us….for you it may be cooking, or being physically fit and eating healthy or dedicating your time to the upbringing of your kids and your relationship to them. You can find purpose in ANYTHING!

So why do we fuss with finding meaning?

The real culprit is our mind and the limited data we function from…for example, when we’re angry over a disagreement, we forget how many times we have agreed on various things…the anger takes priority! So a single emotion becomes far more important than our relationship…that emotion is the trap.

Then we want to escape from it and we think a purpose will release us from the trap. The danger is that we begin to identify with the trap and eventually it becomes our security , even our self-preservation. What we fail to realize is that we get walled into the prison of our own making!

As Sadhguru says, “We mistake the ambience of life for life itself….my family, my career, my society, it’s all ambience…and then we begin to give it meaning. The truth is that there’s no meaning…and no need to have a meaning…it’s a false narrative this seeking a meaning. We’re all a piece of life and that’s the important thing!”

So live totally….know this as a piece of life and experience it in all dimensions. That’s a good enough purpose, don’t you think?


Until next time….

Ritu Malhotra