New Vision 2018

I'm in a John Lennon kind of mood....

What if you wake up to a changed world?

What if everyone around you is smiling?

What if there's nothing to fear anymore?

What if there are no more wars, inside or outside of us?

But the media has made sure we don't forget how bad things’s in our faces all the time. The only news that surrounds us is bad news. We aren't allowed to forget how awful our world is becoming. Obviously someone profits from all this. It's true, though, that by focusing on the negative we're attracting more of the same.

Well, in your new reality, you could be done with all that! So decide right now to shift your focus from the negative, the dark. Remember, when you shift your focus of attention from one thing to another, you are shifting the energy and creating what you want instead.

So I want to start by is through our imagination that we create our reality, because energy flows where focus goes. We are all quite good at doing this....only till now we may have been creating a reality we don't like! When we don't like our current reality we need to turn our focus off the problems around us and focus on what we want instead.

I'm sure we all want to see humanity move towards a positive future and it's an absolute that each of us plays a role in creating that future.

In order to create a vision of the future we want we've got to have an idea of what it looks like. We don't spend much time doing that, do we? Although it's good to know where we don't want to go, but if that's the only focus, that's where we're headed!

Let's use our concern to help us get clarity on the opposite; let us visualise what our highest future can look like.

Ask yourself, what would you like to see in your life, your environment in 5 years, 10 with it and refine it.

Once we have our vision, let us stay informed on events around us, but do not inundate yourself with negative news. Seek to find the positive where you can....we can all seek to reframe our 'dismal' pictures!

I know that every thought, word and action I take, affects my world. I want to ensure that this direction is towards my vision.

Spend a few moments creating your day in your mind....remember you are your own sphere of influence. Each person has a unique talent that wants to express itself through them. When we align our thoughts and actions with our purpose, we ignite something special within us. EXPRESSING OUR LIFE PASSION IS WHY WE'RE HERE! That is when 'work' no longer remains 'work'. Then you become an evolutionary agent of change and you can't help but attract others towards your sphere of influence

Allow your flame to burn brightly. Allow yourself to show others what's possible. Let your positivity cascade around you in this New Year!

What if everyone followed these steps?!!



Ritu Malhotra