There is Nothing "Wrong" with Me

“On a deeper level you are already complete. When you realise that, there is a joyous energy behind what you do”. 
Elkhart Tolle.

At 23 I had it all. I was married to a man who loved me, I was secure financially and socially, I felt good about my capability and creativity, I had two beautiful kids and I was surrounded by family that constantly reinforced my belief that I was super special.
And I was ready to snap!!
I was dissatisfied inside with everything I did....I was my own punching bag!
Three decades later, I'm still obsessed with self-improvement and I'm still not perfect.
I had to stop and shift the spotlight.
The revelation is that there's always room for getting better, yet there is nothing wrong with me....and there's nothing wrong with you either.

You want to know how I know this?
Because I ask myself....

1. Am I playing the game of life the best I know how?
   You can't possibly do someone else's best, so there's no sense stressing about it!

2. Do I make mistakes and stay focused on the lesson it offers?
    Yes! That means I'm doing what I ought to be.

3. Do I know that I'm like no one else?
    I'm unique whether I'm outgoing or introverted, street smart or naive, creative     or technical.  Just like no two snowflakes are alike, I'm different from anyone else.

4. Do I realise that I'll never BECOME someone, because I am someone right now?
    Whether I influence the millions or just one person, I'm focused on the intention of how I do it.

5. Do I know that if someone hurts me I don't deserve it?
     No one does! End of conversation.

6. Do I feel emotions and respond heartfully to them?
   That's the way the whole of humanity works. It is my responsibility to not react negatively to situations and events.

 7. Do I have a pulse right now? And do I have a choice what to do with it?

 8. Do I know that whatever I choose is the best for me right now, or I wouldn't choose it?
This is the best because that's what's happening right now. As I get new information and grow stronger and smarter, I'll make different choices. This leads me to the final.

9. How much of the time do I play with life?
    If the answer is 'mostly', I'm obviously having a good time. Think I'll just continue that.

You know, life always does.

There's no 'right' or 'wrong' feelings, they are just feedback mechanisms. They come, they go. What creates the suffering is my IDEA of what it SHOULD be other than what it is.

We are always worthy, simply because we're here; we're born. We're always whole, even if sometimes it does not feel like it. Yet nothing we do in the outside world can bring home these truths to us.

And this radical shift changes everything! Suddenly, there's nothing else to do...there's no where else to go.

Right here, right now....that's the simple key to the game.

Until next time....