The Wisdom of Loss

I'd like to share a pretty story... A tired bird was resting on a branch for support. It enjoyed the view and safety. Just as he had got used to the comfort, a strong wind started swaying it back and forth with great intensity, it felt like it was going to break. But the bird was not in the least worried for it knew two important truths_ First, that even without the branch it is able to fly and thus remain safe through the power of its own wings. And second, that there are many other branches upon which he can temporarily rest.

To me, this example represents the ideal between ourselves and our relationships or possessions.

I recently lost my friend and partner of 39 years....When we lose a loved one, for a while it distorts our universe and our peace and nothing seems right. The fear is of a future that will never exist and a past that we want to go back to and we feel we can't be further from the present reality.

Though, the lesson is undeniable.... Finding acceptance is the key to happiness. It’s tough! True acceptance is the most powerful and life-changing practices we can chose in our life's journey. To accept is to embrace what is... without resistance.... bringing presence. It is the highest form of love.

I realized that what I was trying to cope with was not a loss but a change. We tend to resist change as strongly as we can, trying to stay in our comfort and security...because it’s hard! It’s hard to accept that our loved ones change, life changes; the people we think we lose, transform into something else. They are still here but not in the same way as before.

Most of all they are in everything we've learned from them, their words, their life live in our hearts and memories.... memories of someone who changed my life!

Cheers Doc! I know you're chuckling somewhere!