The River Of Life

This is something I had carefully tucked away in my notes and when clearing my debris found it after years. I don't know who the author is. It seemed relevant to post today....

"The river of emotions in everyday life, we travel down it on a raft not controlling where we go because the white-water current is too strong for us to beat it. If the path down the river is misunderstood you will float as a helpless rafter without a paddle, feeling lost, confused and stranded."

The first time going into this emotional turmoil can seem frightening and unsure; finding and losing ourselves emotionally.

We live in a society so afraid of emotional expression and misunderstanding that we medicate, drug and do everything in our power to suppress our emotions. This creates disharmony within us and we feel uncomfortable in our own skin.

The truth is that every single emotion, positive or negative, effects our body. If it is a broken heart we internalise that or if there is something we can't accept or handle, it effects the digestive system. If we don't feel supported our lower back maybe affected or our knees when we feel loss. When pessimism continues we build up a toxic reservoir that makes us doubt who we really are. WE ARE NOT OUR EMOTIONS. We need to repeat that over and over.

We need to be our own emotional gatekeeper. One that supports and encourages positive emotions and their expression and also one that audits our negative emotions, letting them know they cannot fester in our river of life.

The emotional river of life is rich with dense value when we can interpret and navigate it's choppy waters. The reason the rapid, intimidating water is fun for one who has experience is because they had the courage to dive in a million times before. To them it's fun rather than fearful. The challenge is to navigate the river of energy in motion and understand the real purpose and lesson of the raging storm.

So let's pay attention to the thoughts we indulge in. Then we can start looking for the good in ourselves and in all our experiences.

The first step will soon enable us to start creating a more fulfilling life for ourselves and begin to enjoy the life process.

                                 This is the game of life.
                                  Are you ready to play?

Until next time.....