How to be a Good Parent

I work with parents of kids with difficulties in academics and behavior and 100% of the time I find that parents need to visit their own childhoods in order to understand the kind of parents they have become.

Empowered parenting is about a deeper examination into the ways in which our emotional health impacts the emotional intelligence of our children. We all possess emotional wounds that were left unaddressed and unresolved. We carry scars into adulthood and in our effort to be “perfect” parents we focus instead on correcting our children’s lives. Instead of lecturing them on “rights and wrongs, should and shouldn’ts” or even screaming, hitting or shaming them which regresses us to the same emotional level of the child, I do believe that the only way towards good parenting is to teach emotional health by example.

Emotional health in an adult reveals itself as positive personality traits such as self-acceptance, self- confidence, a fundamental enthusiasm for life, empathy and respect for others, the ability to give and receive nurturing, our resolution of conflicts and responding to frustrations in a balanced and intelligent manner.