Our Self-image, Our Thinking

Throughout our lives we have experiences that re-enforce our self-image good, or bad. Let me give you an example….

We then act on what our self-image is telling us. Then we judge our performance and talk to ourselves about it, which re-enforces and guarantees that we will act the same way in the future. Round and round this goes and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.. We say to ourselves, “If I do this, this will happen.” If this image is negative we are convinced it will bring failure… so I don’t do this well becomes “I can’t do this” which turns into “I won’t do it!” If we grew up expecting failure, we will manifest it. And if we feel badly about ourselves, we have a difficult time liking or accepting ourselves.

So much of our self-image is based on mis-perception and conditioned fears, that we grew up believing to be true about ourselves… so all through our lives we role-play these beliefs as though they are true. From childhood this carries into adulthood and the world becomes a reflection of our beliefs. No matter how much we want to forget past traumas, no matter how much we’ve repressed them, the memory of past events is still alive. In addition, even though we may not consciously recall them when making choices in the present, those memories unite with our present experience of life.