Every education is an inward journey

Each one of us has a powerful built-in success system. Most of us are not aware of the many success we have already had in life because they are at the subconscious level. For example we all won the sperm race ___ we were born! We also have an incredible immune system at work inside of us___ fending off innumerable diseases that we are’nt aware of.

The subconscious mind is constantly at work to keep the life-machine functioning. Without any effort on our part, we breathe, the heart-beats pumps blood and our circulation feeds millions of capillaries.
Though its our conscious mind that controls the subconscious, it is the master facilitator which plants the seeds in the subconscious that then begin to blossom and grow.

So programming the conscious mind is the key to successful performance and unlocking the potential.
A fascinating and infallible way to do this is via bio-feedback or muscle testing; sometimes know as kinesiology. By testing muscle response we can bypass the conscious mind and test the body’s cellular memory where the answers exist; the inner truth of our beliefs.

With this technique we can gently re-programme the sub-conscious and limiting ideas of our self. By programming an altered, more desirable image of ourselves we can then create the life we truly want.
As you change your idea of yourself, you change your life.

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